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Christopher Wilson-Tate 'The Mary Gibbs 1812' - patroon booklet

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    Patroon 'booklet' uitgegeven door Quiltmania.
    Naar een antieke quilt, in het bezit van Christopher Wilson Tate, van Antique Quilt Company in London.

    Afmeting quilt: 202,5 cm x 234,5 cm (76 3/8” x 88 3/8”)

    Quiltmania: "We have selected this beautiful quilt, made in 1812 and attributed to Mary Gibbs, from Christopher Wilson-Tate’s private collection.
    The central, hexagonal, Chintz panel is adorned with exquisite exotic birds.
    Countless fabrics were used to create this spectacular, yet easy to make, quilt.
    This is the perfect project for your best fabric stash!"