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Laurie Aaron Hird • The Farmer's Wife Homestead Medaillon Quilt

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    Best-selling author Laurie Aaron Hird of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt shares the next installment of this beloved series.

    A few years before Ada Melville Shaw's death in 1937, she wrote--and The Farmer's Wife magazine published--a seven-part series of articles about her homesteading adventures. It is this series of articles that come to life in The Farmer's Wife Homestead Medallion Quilt. Master of traditional quilting, Laurie Aaron Hird has used Ada's writings to inspire the 120 classic quilt blocks that surround a stunning center medallion. Full instructions for sewing this queen-sized sampler quilt, featuring 64 six-inch and 56 eight-inch blocks, are included. No CD-rom, no problem! The Farmer's Wife Homestead Medallion Quilt templates for paper-piecing and rotary cutting are provided in a ready-to-print, easy-to-download PDF. Travel back with Laurie and Ada to 1910s Montana where a homesteading pioneer woman inspired a contemporary quilt for the modern age.

    * Detailed designs for 64 6inch blocks and 56 8inch blocks
    * Diagrams and PDF templates for each block

    120 blokken
    Afmeting blokken: 6" x 6" (ongeveer 15cm in het vierkant) en 8" x 8" (ongeveer 20cm in het vierkant)

    Uitgifte datum: November 2019
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