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Bonnie Sullivan • What Once Was Old...

1e week juni 2020
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    Quiltmania schrijft over dit boek:

    "Quiltmania is excited to launch our third book with Bonnie Sullivan, an ode to the arts of repurposing and upcycling

    Old linens, damaged quilts, clothes pegs, keys, sheet music, bed springs, plaster trowels…and much more, are all transformed into an array of functional and decorative pieces. This includes, but is not limited to, dolls, quilts, table mats, a pin cushion, penny rugs, an advent calendar, a cushion, and Christmas ornaments. 

    For those who know Bonnie’s work, you will still find her love of wool, appliqué and embroidery throughout this book. Each chapter includes a list of the flea market finds used to inspire each season. The embroidery stitches used for her projects are also illustrated.

    In a vastly eclectic book, Bonnie imbues the four seasons with 20 wildly creative projects that we are sure you have never seen before."

    In het boek staan 20 projecten, allen vergezeld van instructies en patronen op ware grootte.

    Aantal pagina's: 152
    Uitgever: Quiltmania, mei 2020
    Taal: Engels & Frans