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Brigitte Giblin • Feathering the Nest 3

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    Het langverwachte 3e boek van Brigitte Giblin is in aantocht!
    Met vele prachtige quilts in de o-zo bekende Brigitte stijl.

    Quiltmania schrijft over dit boek: "Quiltmania is proud to announce the release of Brigitte Giblin’s long-awaited book “Feathering the Nest 3”!
    In this new addition to her quilt opus, Brigitte has curated a selection of quilts varying from small to large, including a coverlet, samplers, an adorable vest for that special someone’s teddy bear, a dolly quilt, reticule and a chic doorstop.
    Brigitte’s style brings together her love of fabric and design in a unique way.
    Combining her love of vintage quilts, bright and unexpected fabrics, and simplified shapes, her quilts have, what she likes to call, “a whimsical twist”. "

    Aantal projecten in dit boek: 19

    Geschreven door: Brigitte Giblin
    Uitgever: Quiltmania, Zomer 2020
    Taal: Engels & Frans
    Pagina's: 232



    (foto's van Brigitte Giblin)