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Tula Pink • 100 Modern Quilt Block

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    Via instagram een ontzettend leuke en inspirerende SEW ALONG: probeer elke dag een blok te maken uit dit boek, 100 dagen lang en je hebt een prachtige quilt.
    Je kunt meedoen met de stoffen in je eigen stijl!
    Bekijk de SEW ALONG via instagram: #100days100blocks2018; en wordt gehost door @gnomeangel

    Laat je inspireren via de MODERNE & BASICS stoffen in het assortiment door De Quilt Ster


    Tula Pink gives you an inspiring quilt block collection with Tula Pink's City Sampler. Make a beautiful, modern quilt of your own design with the 100 original quilt blocks or try one of the 5 city-themed sampler quilts designed by Tula.

    A note from Tula:

    "You will notice...that the blocks are not named but simply numbered. This is intentional. I may have designed the blocks and given you the instructions on what to cut and where to stitch, but I have not infused the blocks with any meaning. This is your quilt. The fabrics that you choose, the colors that you use and why you are making it are what will give the quilt a purpose. Name your blocks, write in the margins, cross out the ones that you don't like, draw hearts around the ones that you love. In a perfect world, everyone's book would end up looking like a journal, coffee stains and all. The more adventurous ones might rename the book and write their own introduction. Tula Pink's City Sampler is a collaboration between you and me. I am the platform and you are the speaker, so stand on my shoulders and tell the future who you are and why you make."

    Taal: Engels
    Uitgeverij: David & Charles