Patchwork & Quilt-winkel

Yoko Saito • I Love Houses

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    Japanese master quilter Yoko Saito returns with an all-new collection of house projects to build and enjoy!
    Twenty bags, totes, purses, pouches, wall quilts, and more celebrate two sides of Ms. Saito's work--her traditional patchwork roots and her fanciful applique creations.
    Create a city skyline, construct a tiny town, stitch and frame single dwellings, or applique a giant mushroom house owned by two little ladybugs--so many fresh ideas to savor. Inspired by her travels throughout Europe and the Scandinavian countries, Yoko Saito clearly feels right at home with houses--they reflect the warmth of the world around us.

    Geschreven door: Yoko Saito
    Uitgever: Stitch Publications, Mei 2020
    Taal: Engels

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