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Trinkets Tossed Sprig Salmon [9021O]

€ 5,00
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    Om te bestellen:
    Vult u aantal 1 in, dan krijgt u 1 FatQuarter (50 x 55cm).
    Vult u aantal 2 in, dan krijgt u 50cm aan één stuk (50 x 110cm).
    Vult u aantal 3 in, dan krijgt u 75cm aan één stuk (75 x 110cm).

    De Ontwerper: Kathy Hall
    Kathy's introduction to textiles happened at a very young age by being taken to fabric stores by her mother. This led to a love of quilting and to her getting a degree in textile design. She feels lucky to be able to turn a personal interest into a career and always looks forward to contributing new ideas and designs to the market.

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Kathy Hall
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Andover • Trinkets
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2019 06 Juni